Sunday, April 28, 2013

The first harvest and more planting.

Well, we've gotten our first harvest. Apparently mushrooms grow very fast. Veeeeeery fast. So fast in fact that I kinda harvested them slightly too late. The mushrooms had already opened up. It didn't matter for taste thought. I made a nice omelette with them!
We'll keep the mushroom box around and see what happens. There might be more mushrooms on the way.

Apart from our first harvest we planted a few additional fruits. We've gotten a 'few' strawberry plants and a redcurrant. And today we got a few cucumber seeds and napa cabbage seeds from friends. I guess we'll have to figure out where to put those as well. Anyway, here are some pictures of the strawberries on their table.

They even have flowers already!
We are starting to see some potato plants coming up. And maybe some of the parsnips. I won't be weeding yet though as I'm not sure what to remove yet.

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