Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The potatoes are planted!

Today I planted the potatoes and beetroot. I put the potatoes some 5 to 10 cm under the soil and spread them around the beds at distances of about 40 cm. To give the soil a bit of a boost I mixed in a few bags of garden soil. Compost will be used later to fertilise the beds more. Now the waiting game starts.

When the potato plants have come up about 30 cm I'll add the next pallet collar. I'll then trim back the shoots and leaves on the lower 20 cm to the stem of the plant. That is the height of the collar, which I'll fill in with soil. Then it will be rinse and repeat for the coming few months. I'm really curious wether this potato tower will work.

As to the weather: It's getting a bit warmer and we've had our first rain in quite a bit. It seems like spring has finally decided to show her face.

Pictures will follow later. There isn't much to be seen aside from 4 beds filled with dirt. The rest of the yard still needs doing. I hope to get to that after this months' paycheck.

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