Thursday, May 2, 2013

Some pictures of growing plants. And a fireplace.

So today we spent weeding the beetroot, potatoes and the front yard. The parsnips aren't really visible and I'm starting to think they might have frozen during the one week of frost right after I planted them. Only time will tell I guess.

My girlfriend repotted the tomato plants! They are growing along nicely. These are the cherry tomato plants. The normal tomatoes didn't survive so far, so we planted a few more of those hoping the second try will give us viable plants.
Here are some pictures of the beetroot and potatoes. They seem to be coming along nicely.
And the beetroots too ofcourse. Can't leave them out. Cute little buggers.
 The rest of the yard will be filled in with gravel. I also wanted a fireplace so we can sit outside by the fire as long as the weather permits. Fires are great! An added bonus is that my girlfriend likes to dye wool. With a proper fireplace she'll be able to do so more efficiently, using less wood and get it doen in less time. So I got on the internets, found myself a stack of cheap fireproof bricks and got some of that fireproof (well, 1250 degrees Celsius proof) glue/kit/stuff. And here's the result!
It has to sit for 24 hours, then I'll get a small fire going to harden the glue completely. Next job: Get shoveling to level out the rest of the yard, buy gravel and fill it all in. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. It all depends on the weather and how I feel after the coming 4 night shifts.

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