Monday, August 5, 2013

The first beetroots have been harvested!

It's been a while since I last updated this blog. Well, here it is! We harvested the first beetroots. Only a few were big enough, so we left the rest to grow on. A week or two later we harvested zome more and right now we still have about half a collar filled with beets in the yard. The harvested beets we canned, just to see if we could. I personally expected the beets to turn red. Alas! They turned a rather uninteresting yellowish white. The rings also mostly dissapeared. We'll be planting regular red beets next year. Raw they looked fantastic though.

The collar overflowing with beets! As you can see the potatoes kind of fell over and are now hanging over the other collars. The other plants don't seem too bothered though.

Here they are fresh out of the soil:
 And after peeling and cutting:

The potatoes are doing nicely and have started to dry out and turn yellow. I'll leave them at it for a little while longer before starting to dig them up.

The past two weeks have been tropically hot, especially for the Netherlands. Our blueberries and strawberries are doing great on it! Also the tomato plants are developing a lot of well... Tomatoes! Look how pretty these look!

Not much else to say at the moment really. We've spent the last few weeks eating outdoors a lot and barbequeing whenever we had the opportunity.

This week we hope to go berry picking at our regular locations. We've checked the places a few times this season and it seems we will be having a lot of blackberries. Then it's on to blackberry jam making! Huzzah!

Oh, and here's a picture of one of our cats. She has made a habit of sleeping under the potato foliage. I usually notice when I put the hose on the plants and she comes flying out ;-)

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