Friday, July 5, 2013

Of tomatoes, chairs and a table...

So far we've had the tomato plants inside as, believe it or not, we had temperatures below zero during the nights two weeks ago. But last week we finally put them out in the yard. They've taken the bed meant for the parsnips. We have two types. Six cherry tomato plants and two regular sized ones. The regular ones didn't do too well inside this year. No idea why. So far the plants have taken well though and are happily growing along.

One of them has already developed flowers too!
Aside from the repotting program we´ve also (finally!) bought ourselves a garden table and chair set. So we can enjoy the not so summery summer here in the Lowlands. It be pretty! Yay!
 I couldn't resist putting up another picture with some of my girlfriends' handywork. She is quite the crochet fetishist ;-) Her own blog is found HERE

She also dyes yarns with natural pigments. If you're interested in those yarns and crochets I highly recommend taking a looksy at her etsy store which is located HERE
As you can see the green is exploding at the moment! It smells great! The beetroot is als doing very well and the potatoes are starting to flower. The beetroot even survived the dog's enthusiastic tail wagging :-P You wouldn't guess it by the way she's quietly chewing up an old flower pot thingy, but dutch shepherds are typical shepherds. All stubborn enthusiasm and energy! Even the "more gentle" long haired breed.
I must say the blaue swedens have quite beautiful flowers. I'm curious what colour the blaue congo flowers will be.

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