Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Starting work on this year 's crop

This year's crop will be mostly fruits. We've decided to expand on our strawberry production by using two beds for them in stead of the one we had last year. We bought a few extra plants, but most of last years' plants have survived through the winter. I hope they will produce many many strawberries this year that will be even sweeter then those of last year.

The blueberry bush is already blooming and growing like mad. Even the redcurrant is starting to sprout green stuff. This rather surprised me as during the winter it was basically nothing more then a sad bundle of sticks. I thought it had simply died off. Guess not.

Remember the pumpkin I carved last autumn? We saved the seeds of it and we'll be raising up two of them inside the house and move them to one of the beds this year. See what happens. We've also got tomatoes, zucchinis and pickles to fill out the remaining beds. And some pepper seeds that we will be potting. Those will be staying in their pots though.

This year we will also be trying out something else. We hav ebought some cherry tomato seeds and we are going to try and grow them upside down, hanging from a pot. Just to see if we can. It would be a great way to save ground space.

Aside from all the backyard farming I hope to get back on track with myy wood carving. I have a nice walking stick project going and I'll show it once it's finished. One of these weeks I will also finally try and get around to setting up that batch of mead. And as for the sausages, that will take me a bit longer. I'm too bloody busy as it is ;-)

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