Monday, October 7, 2013

Of soup and leftover art

Do you remember the pumpkins we bought little over a week ago? We used one up. Well, not quite actually.

We made ourselves some lovely pumpkin soup. But as this pumpkin was quite big it didn't turn out to be "some" soup. We had enough for a dinner for three and still had about 3 litres left over. So that's sitting quite comfortably in the freezer destined for later consumption. And a lovely soup it was!

 We saved some of the seeds and hope to plant those next year so we can grow our very own.

The thing with making pumpkin soup however, is that you get stuck with this big hollowed out husk of a pumpkin. So I decided I'd try my hand at carving one into a lantern. First time I've ever carved one and I'm quite pleased with the end result. Too bad they don't last very long once you've carved them and set a light in them. Anyways, here's my very first lantern creation!

The carvig was done with a Buck folding knife. Basically because I had nothing better at hand.
The finished lantern on its' pedestal next to our front door
And a close up of the carving.

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