Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bloody weather!

One week after I plant the parsnips and all of a sudden we get a horrible cold spell. Well, let's hope everything survives. Once the weather lights up a bit I'll dig up the rest of the yard and make everything a bit more presentable. The tomatoes have been potted as well and they're standing comfortably upstairs with plenty of sunlight. In a heated room.

Something I forgot to put in by the way:

Our yard is located in the eastern part of the Netherlands. That should give you some indication of weather and climate. No clay soil here though. Just regular plain old sand.
I am going to fill in the raised beds with this sand, then put in the potatoes and beetroots. Then I'll top them off with garden soil. I'll probably have to fertilise the beds every few weeks as well. I'll look into what to use for that over the coming weeks. Compost, maneur, etc. Time to figure out some crappy facts!

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